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Glass Radiator description :Glass Radiator description: Fed up with what a traditional  radiator and piping does to the interior design?
•Do you need a radiator in your home, but the thought of buying a regular looking and conventional radiator makes you rethink the necessity of the radiator as it would ruin the overall atmosphere of your home? Would you like to buy an extremely modern and nice looking radiator? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then a glass radiator is something that is exactly designed for you .
• Although glass is usually colorless, you can choose the color of the glass radiator that suits the atmosphere of your home the best. So if you want a beautiful and useful additional feature to you home, buy a glass radiator .
•The manufacturing process utilises modern electronic circuit technology. A laser beam burns out tiny circuits from an electrically conductive film. The result is then embedded into one of the two glass panes, ruling out any danger of receiving an electric shock when touching the radiator.
• The maximum surface temperature of 70• Celsius - comparable to the highest temperature of a conventional water-filled radiator - prevents injury when touching the radiator.
• The heater can also be used as a room divider, integrated in the glass balustrade of a stairway or installed on its own as a brilliant example of modern design. It is splash resistant so that use in a bathroom or other wet rooms is possible. An optional towel-rail can be mounted on the radiator.
• We could design and produce the abnormity or polygonal shape¡¯s Glass Radiator as your inquiry.
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    Company Introduce :RedWood is founded in JAN.2008, as a sub company of Wante Ltd., which was founded in 1988.

    As an expert of manufacture precision hardware and special motor shell, REDWOOD having 10,000 square meters factory, 30 pressing machines, experinced and professional engineers of electric appliances.
    REDWOOD could design and produce the following products for any kind of customers¡¯ request.
    Despite being a new-born company, REDWOOD has therefore consolidated its position as an innovator in the life improvement sector. Thought, innovation and technology will character the growth and the commercial development of REDWOOD.
    Redwood's Mission
    REDWOOD has given itself the task of providing appliances to fitting in family environment, and improving our life. Redwood¡¯s Faith
    Professional Leads Quality, Innovation Advances Value. Redwood's Expertise
    For appliances aesthetically suited to the architectural environment, REDWOOD has the knowledge and ability to design and manufacture them. Redwood¡¯s Value
    Our main values are carrying out responsibility, continuous improvement.

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